Sites I love

The Joy of Baking website, amazing amazing recipes. Love at first sight!
One blog I wish I had discovered earlier, I would have taken up blogging earlier! Must visit The Purple Foodie.
One stop shop to know about food events in Mumbai, The Bombay Eaters.
This great website is where I was first introduced to most of the non-Indian cooking. Videojug.
My latest love, The Pioneer Woman.
An excellent place to look for simple and complex recipes – Simply Recipes.
Rushina’s blog for more great food
My Jhola – Saee’s blog for some amazing recipes and yummy food photos.
Tongue Ticklers for some vegan food beauties.
Yummy blogs for Kerala and Mangalorean food – Ruchik Randhap and Maria’s menu.
And my own babies- Amita’s blog in Marathi, Khaadaad Club and the place where I explore my foodie cravings, The Complete Foodie Paradise


2 Responses to Sites I love

  1. shuchita says:

    hey vahini .. amazing work.. bravo!!


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