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Image Courtesy : Free Press Journal, do the detox.

Pune-based nutritionist Amita Kelkar gives you a simple meaning of detoxification. “The word is typically meant for the process of deriving assumed or expected health benefits from avoiding one or more foods and or even drink. It also is used for leading a certain lifestyle, one without smoking, alcohol and a vegan diet.”

It is to be noted that not every needs to go for detoxification. Kelkar states, “Medically, no one needs to go for detoxification. Our body is well equipped to get rid of whatever toxins are generated. In a scenario where the body is not able to eliminate toxins efficiently due to an infection or an organ malfunction, a person falls medically ill. Having said that, avoiding alcohol, smoking, drug abuse and an excessive diet is needed for every single one of us for better health.”

Few tips for better detoxification process, would be eating plenty of fibre, taking more amounts of Vitamin C & antioxidants and breathing deeply to allow oxygen to circulate completely. “Exercise is of utmost importance in this process.”

As mentioned before, following any health suggestion blindly could have horrifying effect on your health. While you are hell-bent on going for detox, certain dos and don’ts would be vital. Kelkar suggests, “Detox should not have extremely low calorie diets or micro nutrients like Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C & D and Iron. Extremely restrictive & low calorie diets can lead to headaches, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia and the yo-yo syndrome for weight loss, wherein the weight lost due to very low calorie or crash dieting comes back with extra weight once the diet is stopped.”

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