Why do we overeat? Beware: It’s not just the overweight who overeat

We all know that if we overeat, we will end up being overweight. But have you ever tried to know why we overeat? Take a look at this post I had written a long time ago which is still relevant today.

Healthy Feasts

A couple of days back we saw a post from Nachiket, who had described his daily eating pattern, especially that on Monday (a day when everyone is struck with the blues!). On any given Monday, Nachiket was consuming more than 5000 kcal while his biological need was only about 2500 kcal. So how is it that he never realized that he was overeating? How is it ,that even after eating all that he was eating, he still felt envious of others whom he saw eating much more? Why were his Monday mornings, even more miserable than ever?

Let’s try and answer some of these questions.

There are two primary reasons behind overeating – biological and emotional (psychological).

The biological reasons for overeating can be as simple as too long a gap in between meals, resulting in a person overeating at the next meal time. A lot of us must have…

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