How to make ‘ghee’ (clarified butter) at home | Recipe

Saajuk Toop

Saajuk Toop

1. Collect the clotted cream (malai) for a week or ten days depending on how much milk you heat up everyday.
2. To the cream at a starter culture of curd, 1 tsp to 250 ml (approx) of cream. Make sure that the curd that you add in is NOT the thick commercial (Amul, danone, nestle) kind as it will give you a sticky sour cream and the ghee will smell different. Ask your local dairy to give you some dahi to set your own and use that.
3. Mix the starter dahi and the cream well and leave it overnight (or a little longer, in cold weather). You would now get sour cream (which can also be used in baking, dips etc.).
4. Churn the sour cream using a ‘ravi’ to make it a little grainy and then add some water (about 1/4 cup) and churn again. Once the butter begins to separate and float up, add more water (about 1 cup) and churn again.
5. You would now have the butter floating on top and buttermilk at the bottom. Remove the butter ( I do this by hand) and keep in a thick bottomed non reactive utensil or kadhai. Use the buttermilk to make kadhi or pancakes.
6. Now, heat the butter on a low heat and stir occasionally. Do not keep the heat high as the butter will froth up and ruin your kitchen counter.
7. The butter will first become all liquid, then frothy and then after continuous boiling turn into clear yellow ghee. You know the ghee is done when the solid residue at the bottom turns light brown.
8. Once cooled, strain (or decant) the ghee into a clean jar and store at room temperature. If the ghee is not going to be consumed within a month, store it in the refrigerator.
9. The solid residue can be mixed with sugar and eaten with a hot fulka.


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