Blogging Resolutions for the new year | 2015

It took me a mail from WordPress to realize that this year I posted ONLY eight posts on this blog. 365 days and I could utilize only eight of those for blogging, which is something I really like – why and how did that happen? Its not that I was cooking any less or not working on nutrition, still… Guess one should only dwell as much on what one did not do. Which is why, I am listing out my blogging resolutions or more like a things to do list out here so that I am compelled and motivated to complete it. If you think there is something that I am missing out on and should do for the blog, please drop in a comment and I will try and do that too.

Here we go:

  1. Make a recipe index for this blog – top priority.
  2. Combine the two english blogs Healthy Feasts and The Complete Foodie Paradise – easier to update one blog than two, right?
  3. POST, POST, POST all of the 26 drafts onto the blog.
  4. Share my favorite, most used recipes like pesto, ghee, hummus, lasoon chutney, cinnamon rolls, the very soft vanilla cake, homemade hot chocolate mix, appams, dosa, etc.
  5. Make cream cheese at home
  6. Make mascarpone cheese at home
  7. Make my aai’s keshari bhaat.
  8. Write about my experiences with kitchen gardening
  9. update a list of ‘where to buy what ingredients in pune’
  10. Write about my baking/cooking classes – did you know that this year I took five baking/cooking classes?

This seems like a fair to-do list to begin with. Please remind me to finish what I have set out to do. Wish you all a very happy new year full of love, luck and good health!


About Amita

Nutritionist, Foodie, Mum.
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