Pasta Aglio e Olio | Healthy and quick recipe


Pasta Aglio e olio


The simplest pasta recipe ever. Pasta Aglio e olio – simply means pasta with garlic and olive oil. Mayuresh needed a quick fix lunch, and I had very little quick ingredients on hand – so this pasta is what he got in his lunch box today. Pasta aglio e olio is traditionally made with spaghetti. But I did not have any spaghetti in the pantry today, plus spaghetti does not keep too well in a lunch box. The fusilli came to my rescue and I quickly tossed it with some extra virgin olive oil, crushed and chopped garlic and chilli flakes. That was it! Lunch, ready! 

You will need

1/2 cup pasta (ideally spaghetti)

6 cloves of garlic, crushed and chopped

1/2 tsp chilli flakes

1 table spoon and a bit more to drizzle on top extra virgin olive oil

a little parsley to garnish (I used the one from my pot of herbs, yay!)


– Boil a pot of water and add a couple of teaspoons salt to it. Once the water is boiling, add in the pasta and cook al dente. Once the pasta is cooked, reserve 1/4 cup of pasta water and drain off the rest.

– Warm the extra virgin olive oil in a pan, add the garlic and chilli flakes to it. Then add the pasta water and mix. Toss in the pasta, give a quick mix. Garnish with chopped parsley and serve. 






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  1. Yummy…surely going to try…


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