Are all soy products healthy?

Reposting a really old post from this blog as I think this information needs to reach more people. Grammar nazis to please ignore the typos and the errors (I was a blogging infant back then!). I will update/correct this post soon. Promise!

Healthy Feasts

While soya bean was hailed as the wonder food in the 20th century, today we often see a lot of not so healthy foods which have been made using soy or its derivatives as one of their ingredients. A few days back, with the all the festive fever, I saw a lady on TV showing a black forest cake recipe. Everything was fine till the time she made the cake (although I did not quite agree with the amount of butter and full fat cream that she put in, but well..!). Trouble peeped in when she began icing the cake, the ingredients (obviously!) were whipping cream and icing sugar. To quote her ‘Don’t worry! This whipping cream is not fattening, its made of soy.‘ Thats when I started fuming!

Having heard that on regional TV, I did a small experiment. I asked some 15 people (of course, a…

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