Not Just Water!

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“Drinking water is very important. It quenches thirst, prevents dehydration.”

Everyone knows that, tell me something new! Well, here–water helps you lose weight, gives you glowing skin, prevents wrinkles, maintains muscle tone and also regulates blood pressure. Really?

Drink water, stay slimmer: A glass of water before a meal will help you keep fuller and you will end up eating less. Drinking more water also boosts your metabolism; more calories burned will lead to a slimmer you.

Water is the secret to my energy!: Depleted energy levels are almost always associated with decreased body water levels. Water is the carrier of nutrients in the body. Keeping yourself well-hydrated ensures that all your body cells are able to get enough oxygen and available nutrients through the blood. So if you really want those multivitamins and smoothies and salads to work, drink water!

The key to better regulated blood pressure: When you have enough water in the body, your heart has to take less effort in pumping blood throughout your body. Remember all the water therapy that was in vogue some 25 years ago amongst hypertension patients?

Improve muscle tone: Ever experienced a nasty cramp in the neck or abs when working out? It happens because the body muscle is dehydrated. Intermittent water sipping during a workout decreases chances of cramps, hence increasing your chances of getting a toned body.

The natural anti-aging potion: Drinking sufficient water keeps your skin cells hydrated and plump, hence leading to a ‘younger looking you.’

Keeps you regular: Not only does water flush impurities out of your body, it also helps in regularizing your bowel movements and decreases constipation.

Anti kidney stone: The first form of prevention of kidney stones is ensuring ample water intake and normal urine formation. Drinking more water helps dilute the minerals and salts that form kidney stones.

Stress buster: Recent studies indicate that people who don’t drink enough water are also more likely to be haunted by stress. So the next time you worry about your monthly targets, drink a glass of water!

Find plain water boring? Gourmet it up with the fast catching global trend of infused waters. That pretty jug of water with slices of limes, lemons and mint in your spa or an almost artisan drink of pineapple, Perrier water and sweet limes at a fancy bar–draw inspiration where you can! The benefit of infusing water with flavors is that along with making water interesting, you also end up getting additional nutrients and health benefits from the fruits and herbs. A good way to begin is by experimenting with citrus fruits, berries, cucumbers, herbs (mint, spearmint, basil and parsley), celery, cherries, and apples. Just slice the fruits up or add whole berries to a jug of water and keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Add a dash of honey if you really need it and you have a pretty non-alcoholic aperitif ready to be served!

Carry the fruits to work and dunk them in your water bottle on the desk—today!

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