Good Cholesterol V/s Bad Cholesterol

A whole lot of my clients ask me the following questions-

What is Cholesterol? What is HDL? LDL? Is some cholesterol also good for us? Is egg harmful for our health?

Unfortunately, most of these folks begin asking these questions after they have suffered a cardiac arrest or have been diagnosed with hypertension or have had an adverse treadmill test in their annual health check up mandated by their employer. That you should also not be one of these people, is the reason why I am sharing this information with you. The most common myth is that only non-vegetarian food choices lead to an increase in cholesterol. But the fact remains that the total amount of saturated and unsaturated fat that you consume EVERYDAY accounts for an increase or decrease in cholesterol. And also, regular cardio exercise is another big must to keep the LDL, VLDL, triglycerides and total cholesterols in check and to help boost the HDL (the good guy) in your blood. I could have done a post stating all of the facts of cholesterol and its management, but thought that it would be a futile exercise considering that WebMD has already done the same in a much more interesting manner. So do check out the Cholesterol 101 slideshow given at the link below. I will wait for your questions, if any, in the comments to this post. Till then, eat healthy stay healthy!

Cholesterol 101


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One Response to Good Cholesterol V/s Bad Cholesterol

  1. Preeti Sarraju says:

    Nice to see u trying to educate people in a simple way…..Its very impressive


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