ANYTHING Cutlet: Easy Recipe

Can you guess the ingredients of this cutlet?

This is one of the ‘have been meaning to post since a long time’ recipes. I had posted this on my marathi blog and a lot of you asked me for its recipe in English. So here I am, with my ‘Anything’ Cutlet.

Reusing leftovers to make other delicious foods is a legacy that I have received from my Mom and my Granny. Both of them would always be expertly using Indian food leftovers to make delicious snacks or meals e.g. left over rice would be mashed, spiced and seasoned, left to dry under the sun in small nuggets and voila, rice nuggets ready to be fried any time you want a little more than the usual dal, rice, roti and subzi. As a kid, I used to feel like they are trying to fool me into eating stuff that I did not want to- but today when I cook (sometimes really large meals), and face leftovers; this legacy seems invaluable to me. 🙂 You must have surely figured by now that these cutlets are made from leftovers. Bingo! What kind of food do you need to refashion? Dal/Rice/Vegetables/Salad? Any of this can be turned into this cutlets, all that you need is some boiled potato and some bread crumbs (it is a good practice to always have these two things ready in your fridge), you are set!

You will need:

A cup of leftover veggies
1/2 cup of thick dal
A cup of cooked rice
(Now you may or may not have the stuff given above. The proportions and the ingredients are not at all fixed. Just eyeball the recipe, go by your gut and sense of taste. )
2 boiled potatoes, mashed/grated
1/2 cup bread crumbs
Some oil for frying (I know I know, you are shocked at seeing deep frying stuff here! But let me tell you that if the oil is hot then the amount of oil is much lesser and the product much non-greasy than when food is deep fried in oil that is not hot enough. That does not mean that you should be eating deep fried foods everyday though!)
Salt and Pepper or red chilli powder for seasoning
You may also like to add a couple of teaspoons of chaat masala to the cutlet mix, gives it an Indian punch


– Mix the veggies, rice and dal (whatever you have) along with the mashed potatoes. Mix it really well so that it becomes an almost homogeneous mix. This is to ensure that no one can make out what all has really gone into making the cutlet.
– Season with salt, pepper and chaat masala and mix well again. Now comes the most difficult part- take a deep breath and taste this mix. If you are able to taste it like this without making a face then everyone will love it. That’s the taste test! 😀
– Make into fat sausage like oblong balls of the size of an egg. Dont make it too large or it wont cook properly till the inside of the cutlet.
– Roll the cutlet in the bread crumbs and keep aside.
– Heat up oil in a pan/kadhai, test the oil by dropping a tiny bit of the mix into it. If it foams and comes up to the surface, the oil is hot enough.
– Fry the crumbed cutlets till golden brown. Remove on kitchen paper to drain off any excess oil.
– Serve hot!


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3 Responses to ANYTHING Cutlet: Easy Recipe

  1. Priya says:

    Super thanks. I know where the leftover babycorn subzi is going tomorrow 🙂


  2. Superb. 🙂
    What a simple idea


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