Easy Recipe: Bean Burrito

I love hand-held take out foods. Although more often than not it actually becomes ‘hand held and gobbled up’ but well… thats what they call them in food categories. I love all sorts of rolls, wraps and burritos. I remember the very first time I had ever sampled a burrito was when a ‘cool’ gal in my school used to bring in her lunch bag all such ‘fancy’ (non-Indian) food items. I remember having loved the taste of the cheese cream and beans and also having gotten a taunt from my mum when I reported ‘how R brings delicious food with cream’. To quote my Mum, ‘You will happily eat cream but will crinkle up your little nose at the sight of malai‘! That’s me Mom, would be my reply to such incidents (which were far too regular for my comfort!). πŸ˜€

And I get carried away again! To come back to the bean burrito. This is a strictly self invented burrito recipe. So there is a high likelihood of it not matching with the recipes that you might find elsewhere. But, its absolute drool material. Stuff that we can never get enough of. One might think as to why is the American bean burrito (I know burrito is mexican but the one with cheese cream is distinctly American) posted on a healthy recipes blog? Because- its home made and we can regulate the amount of cream and cheese that we put in! Simple!

You will need:

1 tortilla (I did not get a readymade tortilla so I made one at home. Bind a soft dough out of maida (flour) and water and salt to taste and roll it like a regular chapati. Roast it on the tawa only)
1/4 cup baked beans, canned (if you are against processed stuff like the usual me then just put a handful of cooked white beans in a generous amount of ketchup)
3 tbsp cream (I used the amul low fat cream)
1 tsp grated cheese (of your choice)
pepper to taste
You might want to add a pinch of dried herbs to the cream (I did, I am in love with herbs)
A handful or a little less of chopped spring onion or cabbage or onion or any salad in fact


– Mix the cream, pepper and the cheese till it becomes a homogeneous mix (actually its fine even if its not so thoroughly mixed). You can also add the herbs to the cream cheese at this point.
– On one side of the tortilla, make a thick line of the baked beans. On that add the salad and lastly the cream cheese.
– Roll and eat it NOW!
– Enjoy the delicious shot of cream and cheese and the goodness of baked beans… yummmm….

I know this is a terrible picture, but please bear with me! πŸ˜‰

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