Are all soy products healthy?

While soya bean was hailed as the wonder food in the 20th century, today we often see a lot of not so healthy foods which have been made using soy or its derivatives as one of their ingredients. A few days back, with the all the festive fever, I saw a lady on TV showing a black forest cake recipe. Everything was fine till the time she made the cake (although I did not quite agree with the amount of butter and full fat cream that she put in, but well..!). Trouble peeped in when she began icing the cake, the ingredients (obviously!) were whipping cream and icing sugar. To quote her ‘Don’t worry! This whipping cream is not fattening, its made of soy.‘ Thats when I started fuming!

Having heard that on regional TV, I did a small experiment. I asked some 15 people (of course, a very unreliable sample size) around me as to whether they thought soy or its products were non-fattening. Ten of the fifteen thought that all soy products were healthy. Five did not know about its health effects. More reason for me to this post.

Lets get some basics right. Any cream or cream substitute or butter or butter substitute, made of anything at all (not just soy, lest you think am trying to victimize the soy bean out here!)- when consumed in large quantities i.e. more than 5 tsp a day, is FATTENING. And so is soy whipping cream. Absolutely yes! So please drop those plans of making a fruit cream souffle using the soy cream in case you are on a weight loss program or are hypertensive or hypercholesterolemic.

I was having a little discussion with a fellow blogger, who claimed that some products like amul lite, I cant believe its not butter, no calorie butter, low fat whipping cream, no fat cream are all blessings of the modern world and that now we can have all the goodies without the guilt. Please remember that while no foods are bad, fatty foods or their substitutes when consumed in large quantities do nothing but harm your body. So really want to check how many of those blessings you are consuming!

Coming to another soy product- soy sauce. Soy sauce is very high in sodium. A table spoon of soy sauce contains 600-900 mg of sodium. So in case you are hypertensive, please stay away from soy sauce (and also other commercially made sauces and processed foods).

The good soy- tofu,soy nuggets, nutrella, soy flour, soy milk (but it is still not an ideal substitute for dairy milk unless you are allergic to dairy products). These come with the goodness of the isoflavones in soy and the good protein. But again, the ‘do not overdo coz it has been labelled healthy’ rule applies here as well.

Moral of the story: Consume soy as a variety food but do not blindly gorge on any soy derived product thinking its healthy.

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5 Responses to Are all soy products healthy?

  1. garima says:

    i totally agree with you on that. All the foods which are claimed to be healthy should not be taken ad libitum. There is a safe limit to all the foods and thats why variety is the key to remain healthy.


    • amitagadre says:

      Hey Garima! I so agree with you.. variety (the non fatty one!) is the key to remain healthy plus.. a habit of reading the labels! Thank you for stopping by! Do let me know what you think about the other posts too!


  2. Amita says:

    Reblogged this on Healthy Feasts and commented:

    Reposting a really old post from this blog as I think this information needs to reach more people. Grammar nazis to please ignore the typos and the errors (I was a blogging infant back then!). I will update/correct this post soon. Promise!


  3. Arpita says:

    Hi amita, this is such a good message given by you to all those who blindly follow that particular food is healthy and people start eating that beyond limit. Same i saw people eating soyastick, beyond limit because it is made of soya.


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