I am craving for chocolate! (pssst..but I am on a diet.. what do I do?)

I got this text from a client this Saturday. She said, ‘ I know am supposed to be on a diet, but I am really really craving for chocolate just now.. please help.. what do I do?’

How many of you think that you cannot have anything chocolate or chocolatey for that matter when dieting? Heck, almost everyone isn’t it? But again, everyone, especially girls, absolutely do crave for chocolate. Blame it on hormones, blame it on chocolate being comfort or blame it on your colleague grabbing a bar… we love chocolate. So you are hungry, you walk in to a store, you think biscuits/cookies, cakes, muffins, milk shake everything has a chocolate variant and its always right there in your face asking you to celebrate. It is very very difficult to ignore those beautiful invitations. So what do we do in such a scenario? What did I tell my client to do?

I asked her to have something chocolate-y. The options that I gave her were- home made chocolate milk shake with one tbsp of cocoa and diet sugar. She could also have had a chocolate sandwich, made from brown bread and one tbsp of chocolate sauce and grilled. A chocolate smoothie made at home is also an option. I usually insist on the homemade bit, coz that’s the only way of anyone knowing, exactly what you are eating in terms of its ingredients. If you did want to eat say a lindt chocolate, then I would suggest, buy a pack, have one chocolate and gift the rest away to your friend who is NOT on a diet. Just ensure, that such a chocolate eating spree does not become a daily affair. The logic behind this is simple- the more you deny yourself from that tiny bit of chocolate, more you are going to keep thinking about it and the moment your self control gives in- YOU WILL END UP IN A CHOCOLATE BINGE.

So the next time that dark chocolate beckons you, and if you are on a diet, do a quick check with your dietician and have a tiny bite. You can adjust the rest of your meals accordingly too. 🙂

About Amita

Nutritionist, Foodie, Mum.
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