OMG! I had a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE.. Am so going to put on all my lost weight!

I confess I have been through this. Taking slimming a bit too seriously and hence ending up with my whole life centered around every single morsel entering my mouth. I would starve for the next three days and then on the fourth have only soup. The guilt of that one brownie would last me for a month. Thankfully, I got out of this mad syndrome of feeling guilty of eating.

Today, I counsel a lot of clients who have faced similar feelings that the world is going to end with them having a bite out of the dutch chocolate truffle cake or something similar- a fried savory, some dessert, ice cream, chips etc. – all thanks to the starvation diets that they had been put on or had themselves designed.

On the other hand, I have also been through a phase when I had just completely stopped caring about what (or rather WHAT ALL) I was eating. Imagine this scenario (it will be easier for those who know me to picture this as you know of my foodie-ness): Amita is out on a holiday in Sri Lanka. The tour organizer has arranged for a stay in a five star hotel. The breakfast spread there, like all great hotels is soo vast that Amita is in awe just looking at the warm, freshly baked varieties of bread- all vying for her attention. Plus, there also is this entire section with all local breakfast which is smelling awesome too! And OMG.. they have grilled sausages, salami, ham, bacon, chicken croissants, fish cutlets! Wow.. did you see that entire corner for desserts, cakes, pastries and muffins! I sooo want to eat it all…. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT AMITA ENDS UP DOING.. EATING ALL OF IT. Albeit in very small portion sizes, but even the smallest of small portions cannot be smaller than one bite! You can imagine what I must have become at the end of that holiday! You are right- I was looking like a stuffed turkey.

Why am I sharing this with you? Simply to tell you that being on a diet does not mean that everything else ceases to exist in life. Rather like they say, ‘Its not a diet, its a way of life’. Of course, if you are one of the people who are in a state of mind like I was on that holiday; then please be prepared to be shocked the next time you check your weight. Because, although one brownie does not make you pack in 2 kgs of weight- one brownie every alternate day plus coffee with full cream and a muffin followed by a dinner- SURELY DOES!

Till then, happy eating!


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