The Scoop on Sugar

Diet equals no sugar. Health implies no sugar. Diabetes obviously no sugar. What is the big deal with SUGAR?

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. It is a simple carbohydrate (the other type of carb is complex carbohydrate) which is one of the most constant members of the FOODS TO AVOID CLUB. Sugar, glucose, or sucrose is a major source of calories in our daily diet. But it is the highly refined food (processed, refined, ready to eat are the synonyms here) that offer no other nutrients to go with this sugar. And hence, sugar becomes what we call ‘empty calories’.

Too much sugar, sweetened foods, sweetmeats have been, since ages, associated with tooth decay, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Unfortunately, sugar and other natural sweeteners are added to such a wide array of foods that one feels that it is practically impossible to avoid it- unless you are cooking meals from a scratch.

The solution is to stick to natural unprocessed foods and you will automatically decrease your intake of added sugar and never go overboard.


About Amita

Nutritionist, Foodie, Mum.
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