What?? You DID NOT feel like Eating up that Cake on my Blog?

I am doing this post because I am shocked. I am shocked that my husband did not feel like eating up the cake picture posted as the header of this blog. He was looking at this website after a proper dinner and when I asked him, ‘Don’t you feel like gobbling up that cake when you just look at it?’. He promptly told me ‘No. I don’t.’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Like seriously, you are not thinking- that looks yum?’ He reiterated, ‘Absolutely my dear, I am feeling so full already that I did not feel anything when I looked at that image.’

And, I was shocked yet again. Because, I had missed out on putting up this vital information on this very blog! SWEET TREATS, FATTENING FOODS DO NOT TEMPT US OR DO NOT TEMPT US AS MUCH, WHEN WE ARE NOT HUNGRY!

This is absolutely true. Try it yourself. I have used this technique just soo many times and it works. Eat a bowl of salad at home before you head out to a party. Drink loads of water before a feast. Have a meal at home before going to a place where you know there will be loads of fattening temptations. And voila! YOU WILL NOT WANT TO GRAB THAT GREAT FOOD AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT. What is even better is that even if you have a really teeny bit of it, you will stop at just that much.

Still doubt this? Alright, let me give you another example. Remember those Sunday special huge lunches at home when you would eat to your heart’s content till you could not have even a little grain of rice more? (Ok, you might not have been a glutton like I was, but then I can talk of my examples right?) And just when you had gotten up from the lunch table, your mom would ask you, ‘So what would you like for dinner?’. What did you do then? Didn’t you groan and say ‘Mom!! But we just had lunch and we can’t even think of food just now- thats how full we are!’. THAT is what I was trying to bring out. We crave for foods the most when we are hungry. Its logical and biological! So would the simple way to manage cravings just be to ensure that we are not hungry? Or in other words, to have frequent meals through the day so that whenever anyone offers you that chocolate cake, you have just one small bit and tell them- I am too full!

Try this technique- it works!


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