You DON’T HAVE TO Go To The Gym To Lose Weight!

Oh yes, you heard it right. You don’t HAVE to go to the GYM to lose weight. In fact, a whole lot of people join the gym thinking ‘I need to work it out in the gym, only then will I lose any weight’. But it is one of the most common weight loss MYTHS. I am not saying that one cannot lose weight by sweating it out in the gym. No way. But I have seen too many people enrolling to a gym and then bunking it and having days of guilt at not having gone for a work out, alternate with days of feeling like they were doing their bit towards losing some pounds by even taking up the gym membership.

Still don’t believe me? OK. Let me explain to you why I am saying this. Remember the calorie intake and calorie expenditure equation that I had explained in my previous post (Why am I overweight?)? So the moment the calorie intake exceeds the calories required by the body, our body starts packing in those extra calories as fat and we put on weight. I have also mentioned in my previous posts that you can lose weight by diet modification and exercise. Never did I say that exercise meant only working out in the gym – in fact you can completely avoid going to the gym and still manage to lose weight. How? By burning those extra calories in a physical activity that you enjoy!

Play a sport- tennis, squash, basketball, table tennis; go on a jog/run; try skipping everyday; go for long brisk walks; practice yoga to maintain flexibility and endurance of your body, dance, learn kick boxing… There are just soo many options out there! That and a well planned balanced diet should put you in a good stead. I love walking with my favorite playlists playing in my ear. Do you? Great! Then, what is stopping you? Bring out your walking shoes and keep walking! (Bye Bye guilt from bunking the gym)

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5 Responses to You DON’T HAVE TO Go To The Gym To Lose Weight!

  1. thebettylife says:

    Great post! Very true. Betty x


  2. ngadre says:

    I feel I heard that weight training (mild to moderate) gives you extra muscle and thus extra BMR, as muscles consume more energy than other tissues.

    So, not going to gym is okay, but some form of muscle building will be additional help, if not absolute necessary.

    Is my concept incorrect?


    • amitagadre says:

      Yes. Building muscle helps increase the basal metabolic rate (or the rate at which the body burns calories). But till the time you lose the fat layer on the body, all the gymming is not going to help build the muscle. So the best way is to lose body fat first and then get to weight training and build muscle mass.


  3. Your way of telling all in this paragraph is genuinely pleasant, all be able
    to simply know it, Thanks a lot.


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