Planning- The Key To A Successful Weight Loss or Gain Program

Like any other endeavor, even a weight loss program requires a little bit of planning to be successful. I was just speaking to a friend yesterday who was unable to understand how I could plan an entire week’s food and meals and hence shop for the groceries in advance accordingly. It takes nothing but an extra 15 to 20 minutes to plan the previous day.

Imagine a scenario where you did not have to wake up everyday and think what to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner; or in case you eat out- not to have to think what to have today. I am sure all those people who cook at home are always thinking – ‘what to cook next?’. And if you are someone like me, who gets bored with the same food too soon, then the predicament becomes even worse.

When I say planning is necessary, it not only means deliberating over what to eat, but also figuring out what time to wake up in order to be able to complete all the work and commitments lined up for you the next day.

This article on very comprehensively summarizes the benefits of planning your day in making your diet regime stress free.

So get cracking and plan the week ahead! Trust me, it makes life much easier.

About Amita

Nutritionist, Foodie, Mum.
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