I am more miserable on MONDAY mornings these days..!!!

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There is nothing as miserable as a Monday morning that falls on you with unmatched regularity. I drag my feet out of bed and feel the impending day (read impending doom..). I realize that my abdominal cavity is as empty as vacuum in the Torricelli’s space. I dig into the kitchen racks and manage to find some maska khari for immediate consumption to stay alive till the regular breakfast is ready. Some maska khari, when dipped in sweet tea and eaten, mean about 8 to 10 converted into numeric value. But being health conscious, I add sugar free in the tea instead of sugar.

Then comes my breakfast. Two eggs, half fried. Egg is a complete food (As seen on TV). Sunday ho yaa Monday, roj khao ande.

Being on Monday, I take two of them to support my hectic day. We also need some carbohydrates, so I take four slices of bread.. toasted. Just to eliminate the dryness of toast, I apply little bit of (1 teaspoon for each slice) butter. I use nutralite. That is cholesterol free and low fat. Perfect for diet.

On reaching office, there is the global Anna with his world famous hot idlis and medu vadas that make my heart go hmmmm.

Idli is anyway light food. So there is no harm in having a plate of them. He serves 4 in a plate. Value for money.

It comes with unlimited sambar and fresh coconut chutney. The medu vada, of course, is fried, so I take only one. At times I get uncontrollable urge to repeat the order. This happens only twice or thrice a week. The taste is too irresistible and

I give in, knowing that idli is a light food. Once in a week, I take one sada dosa. I make it a point to tell Anna to use less butter on my dosa.

At about 11 am I feel hungry again. I think it is some kinda hormonal problem. But they say that you should not stay hungry. This makes you feel giddy. So I walk down to the nearby grocery shop and buy a pack of biscuits. I really love Bourbon biscuits. I always buy a small pack so that the quantity is restricted. Walking to the shop is kind of activity too, which is needed for healthy body.

I eat those biscuits with a mug of coffee. Actually I can still do with a smaller cup, but company has gifted me this huge mug with name on it. I love to fill it completely and bring it to my desk, so that I don’t need to go to the machine again and again.

Now here I must say that, I am only a human and I do get bored with Bourbon’s sweet taste. On such days I replace them with salted biscuits like Monaco. This serves two purposes. Change in taste and consumption of lighter biscuits (though they are double in number than bourbon, they are very lightweight).

Lunch is never to be skipped. Three rotis and bhaaji is all that I carry in my tiffin. Except for normal exchange of food in our lunch boxes, I try my best to avoid overeating, except for the occasions when a colleague of mine brings some kind of biryani or aaloo paratha. They are home made, so are not truly harmful to health. Besides, eating together and appreciating other’s home made food is the best way of socializing and building relationships with peers.

The work at office is too stressful. Way too stressful. I don’t get much time to even use the washroom at times. Constant calls, mails and loads of issues to be resolved.

To maintain the peace of mind and cool yourself, you need to take a break from such series of tasks. I usually take my break at 4 pm and realize the need of my body. I want to eat something really tasty and spicy now..

The burji-omelete-pav wala on the footpath below the office comes to my rescue. He opens his joint at 4 pm and I am the first customer waiting. He makes real yummy tasting omelete pav. I have warned him strictly to use less oil for my preparation. Usually omelete made from two eggs is sufficient for a huge and healthy person like me. It’s proper and filling food, so that I can get back to work with energy. I don’t need to worry about hunger till the end of office time.

Late sitting is common practice and need of situation too. If the office hours exceed 7 PM, which happens half of the working days, we order samosa and tea on our desks. This eliminates the need of wasting work time in going out to eat. If we leave the office before 7pm, I usually pick up a plate of samosa on the way to home. This is very much required, as there is a long journey to home through traffic ahead and this small snack gives me time to reach home for dinner.

Dinner is usually light, as it’s time to sleep. Its just dal rice and some bhaaji for taste.

I make it a point to have a glass of milk at bedtime as part of good habits, which I have maintained since my childhood.

One thing I don’t understand is, why am I still putting on weight like Mount Everest. I am crossing the boundaries of obesity into morbid obesity.

All people around me must be eating more than what I have detailed above. I have seen my friends eating 5 to 10 rotis in one go. Why me? Even after being so conscious about my food timings and intake..? Must be hormones or just my bad luck..

I am more miserable on Monday mornings these days..!!!



So how did Nachiket really end up consuming more than 5000 kcals in a single day without even realising it?
To find out more, keep reading HealthyFeasts!

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3 Responses to I am more miserable on MONDAY mornings these days..!!!

  1. Nachiket says:

    Aah.. You published it..

    I am dying to see what you write back on this..



  2. Nachiket says:

    Now I read your note..

    Dont tell me it was 5000 calories..

    Oh my god..

    I am dead..


    • amitagadre says:

      @ Nachiket: You are so not dead.. in fact, I am hoping you have now woken up to realize how urgently you need to change your eating habits. By that, I do not mean, starve yourself. Eat well, but eat healthy! Do check this space tomorrow to see why you ended up eating all that food.


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