How Did I Become Overweight? The Simple Answer: Because I Overate!

I mean it. The most basic reason for putting on weight is nothing more than overeating. Our body, as you all know, has certain energy requirements for all the activities that we do in a day. And again, every individual has a specific predefined rate at which he/she converts food energy in to physical energy required for the routine activities. How many times has it irked you to see someone who continues to remain reed thin despite gobbling ton loads of food at all meals? On the other side, how many of you are actually very thin and are desperately trying to get some curves? Am sure there will be significant numbers on both the side.

This scenario only tells us only one thing- every individuals nutritional needs are different. While some have a very high metabolic rate, and hence struggle to put on some weight; there are others who (purportedly) seem to put on even if they breathe air! For people who put on weight – more energy is taken in (food) than expended (through activity). The excess calories are stored as body fat and results in excess weight.

How can one restore this balance?
1. By reducing the amount you eat – which brings us to the ‘D’ word (a diet plan)
2. By increasing the amount of energy you expend – brings us to the ‘E’ word (EXERCISE!)

For a safe and healthy weight loss, do not drastically reduce your food intake (starvation diet). When you drastically decrease your food intake, your body goes on a starvation mode and starts thinking that now there is always going to be dearth of food (energy) coming in. In this scenario, even if you eat very little, the body stores it instead of using it as energy, thinking- what if no food comes in tomorrow? If you then increase your food intake even a little, after say a period of ten days of starvation, then you will actually end up gaining more weight than earlier (see the post on yo-yo syndrome for details).

True weight loss or weight gain can happen only when you decrease or increase, respectively, your calorie intake gradually. Always remember: I did not become overweight overnight. Hence, I cannot expect to achieve normal weight overnight.

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3 Responses to How Did I Become Overweight? The Simple Answer: Because I Overate!

  1. urvija says:

    Additionally, as I read somewhere, we live in a nutritionally foul environment, where harmful fattening food is available within the reach of your hand. Right from the calorie laden puris and mysore bajjis available for 10 Rs a plate, roadside chinese which costs Rs 40/- max per dish, fried pakoras, and other harmful and calorie laden food available on numerous bandis, harmful food is available in abundance. It is but natural to be attracted to these when one is hungry. Since it is so cheap and so abundant! I realize how much harm I have done to myself with regular intake of these. One doesn’t need to deprive oneself, but one needs to be fully conscious about the fact that these are harmful and are only to be consumed in limited quantities. We need to acknowledge that we are doing harm to our bodies by giving in to these for the momentous pleasure of great taste. In the long run, they not only add on to the weight but when consumed in excess, can poise grave risks to ones well being.


    • amitagadre says:

      Thanks Urvi for raising a very important point. It is absolutely very difficult to not give in to temptation when you are very hungry. So then, why cant we create a scenario for ourselves that we don’t go in front of junk food when dying of hunger?


      • Nachiket says:

        There was a fight-over-lunch at our office few days back.


        Trying to find definitions.

        I realised from the hot arguments that no one has actually a sharp outline of what is junk.

        For one friend, anything fried was junk.

        For others, rice was junk.

        For someone else anything that is fresh is not junk (be it batatawada). When it gets cold and stale it is junk.

        One opinion was that any processed food is junk.

        …Dry snacks like Lays and peppi are junk.

        …Things that contain potato are junk.

        etc etc…

        I don’t know either..


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