When I was a Yo-Yo!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was a ‘classic yo-yoer’ and was stuck in the yo-yo syndrome for quite a few years. A lot of you asked me ‘Now what is the yo-yo syndrome?’. So here, I have tried to simplify this ominous syndrome (makes it sounds like a disease doesn’t it? Well, it is just like one. )

Several people go on a diet every month- it could be the Atkins, the General Motors, the detox diet or a diet prescribed by the local weight loss clinic, the starvation diet or a self invented diet of ‘from now on I will skip dinner’, ‘I will eat only till 4 pm’ etc. There are several variations of ‘the diet’ where one ends up not consuming a balanced meal and deprives the body of some or the other essential nutrient. Many people also succeed in losing significant amount of weight. Some also undergo liposuction to get that sexy slim look. The newspapers, TV, web is flooded with the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images. But how many times have you seen a ‘before’, ‘after’ and ‘even later’ image? Most likely, never. Have you ever thought why is that so?

Because in 8 cases out of 10, a person who has undergone rapid weight loss say in a period of one to six months, once off the diet, gains not only all of that weight back- but ends up with having put on more weight than what he/she started with. I have tried to demonstrate the same with my rotten paint brush skills- but you should get a fair idea of what I am trying to say.

Now THIS is what you DON'T want to get to stuck into!

This graph above shows exactly how I and my body had fallen into this ‘yo yo syndrome’. This is a term given to the common scenario of weight cycling wherein, the body tends to put on more weight than earlier; once off a diet. So when I was 12 I weighed 48 kg, at age 18- it had reached 56; age 22 – it had dropped to 52, age 25- gone up again to 79, age 26- down to 60, and in another six months- back up to 70. Now while, I was losing weight after periodic intervals, as soon as I would go back to my normal (fattening) eating habits, I would not only gain back all of that weight but MUCH MORE.

So then what is the way to avoid weight cycling and the Yo-Yo syndrome? I will tell you exactly that in my next post. And you can also look forward to some delicious healthy feasty recipes beginning tomorrow- after all, we live to eat, don’t we? πŸ˜‰

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7 Responses to When I was a Yo-Yo!

  1. Nachiket says:

    β€˜from now on I will skip dinner’, β€˜I will eat only till 4 pm’

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    ha ha ha..

    You are writing my, and for that matter any obsessive eater’s biography..

    Waiting to read more of wonderful articles..

    Wish you start something to help us from obsessive eating, additional to these great helpful articles.


    • amitagadre says:

      Hi Nachiket! I have been there done that and hence am able to write about what an overweight person goes through. πŸ™‚ and about starting something to help you, you can avail of my consulting services to help you restore a healthy eating and feasting lifestyle along with achieving weightloss.

      Just call me or drop me an email and I will get back to you. Thanks!


  2. Nachiket says:

    One big problem that I face is “What to do, ….Why even live if I don’t get to eat what I love..?” (Includes Mutton rassa, dum biryani, cheese burst pizza, McD Fille-o-fish burger, Lava cake and so on…)


    • amitagadre says:

      Nachiket: I will reiterate what I always say- being on a diet does not mean not being able to eat the foods you love. Most often than not, its the amounts that determine what the food is going to do in your body than the types of foods you eat. So yes, mutton rassa, dum biryani, pizza and cake can be had in a diet – and you can also achieve weight loss despite having consumed it. I can tell you how.


  3. Sleeping beauty says:

    Hi Amita…. great going… keep writing… would certainly help people like me cultivate healthy eating habits w/o compromising too much on our likes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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