Feasting and Fasting – the BIG Juggle

Hey there! Did you just look at the cake image above and think … ‘yummy’? πŸ™‚

Then you are a kindred soul. I was looking for a header image for this new blog and thats when I thought of this image. I knew that this blog is going to be about healthy feasting, diet myths, nutrition trivia and healthy recipes- but still I chose this delicious dessert as the first image- why? Because, healthy eating does not imply dull or boring eating.

But before I get onto to the ‘healthy feasting’ talk, let me share with you my experiences with food, good food, great food and fattening food! I am obsessed with food. May be that’s why I also took up a career in food and became a nutritionist. (Although a lot of times I regret taking up baking as a career as that would have justified my eating all the sinful desserts and being round in shape ;)) As a kid, I was skinny to begin with, and was dutifully fed with all the milk and milk products, sweets made from dry fruits so that I would appear ‘healthy’ (read as chubby). The one thing I used to hate (which I thank my Mum for now) was having to eat all the vegetables and fruits that were served at every meal.

As I became a teenage girl, beset with the usual teen issues, I almost stopped eating. ‘Cause by then I had realized that I was chubbier than what I should be (Ok Ok.. I was quite fat) , and could not quite be called the ‘hot girl’ in school. (sigh!) So that fasting mode of mine, led me to become anemic to an extent that I had to consume a whole lot of iron and folic acid supplements. My parents freaked and embarked upon the ‘mission feed Amita’ yet again! The result was obvious. I was back to being plump when I began University education.

Thanks to wanting to do a lot of things at the same time, I was taking loads of classes along with my college. I hardly had time to eat (the lunch that my Mum used to pack for me), I was working day and night. But what I was also doing then was – checking out great food places in my home town, taking all of my friends there and gorging on a LOT and LOT of junk food! Guess by now, you have got the story. I am, what they call in nutrition lingo, ‘a classic yo-yoer’. Having gone through some three cycles of skinny thin to a big balloon, its taken me 27 years to understand my body and the way it reacts to me pigging out on great food and me going on a starvation mode.

Why am I suddenly confessing all of this? Because, I don’t want anyone else to go through the yo-yo syndrome. Because, I know how difficult it is to stop yourself from grabbing that bag of chips, the chocolate cake, theΒ mithaai, the fried savouries, the vada pav, the oodles of cheese pasta- the list is endless. Also because, I want to share with you how to predict a food craving, how to prepare healthier food alternatives, how and when to give in to that urge to have that Big Mac with double cheese and how and why does beer give you a pot belly. What I share might not be anything new as far as pure information goes- but it definitely will be a new view point of a person who has struggled to maintain the ideal weight but who also is always craving for some delicious, fattening food.

So do let me know what all you would like to know about food and healthy feasts and the mystery of diets and nutrition.

See you shortly,


P.S. Its lunch time and I am going to have to eat a salad along with the roti subzi… but hey, I have a delicious low calorie salad dressing recipe- that suddenly makes things look brighter, doesn’t it?


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Nutritionist, Foodie, Mum.
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12 Responses to Feasting and Fasting – the BIG Juggle

  1. ngadre says:

    Great post..
    First time I am reading a professional nutritionist and dietician write so much like a buddy. You actually read my mind..

    Looking forward to more…


  2. Madhuri says:

    Way to go Amita!!!
    You really have an engaging writing style.
    Loved it so much, that I am going to ask you for help to reduce my weight!
    Great going. Keep it up!!


  3. kaustubh says:

    hmmm…. i guess there was nothing new as u already said but yes this helped me thinking for my food habits one more time in a day… πŸ˜€
    Well really nice effort to tell people going for another effort to cultivate good diet habits…
    So how to fill application form and what is the fee structure for getting your expertise… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • amitagadre says:

      Hello Kaustubh! Hope I can get you thinking even more.. Why don’t you give me a call on +91 97301 11567 and I can tell you how I can help you with your diet? Looking forward to hearing from you.


  4. Swati Koranne says:

    Hey Amita !!!

    It was fun reading the blog….. It is a lot informative…..I would love to read more on healthy feasting. I am a big foodie too but concerned about health too… πŸ™‚

    Keep Writing πŸ™‚ !!!


  5. manish says:

    Wow, I just could not move my eyes down from the yummy cake….You should have posted the pic every where between the text…;-)….on the other side, quite an appreciating attempt to portray solutions in problems…so just eat and balance to eat more…;-)…cheers!!


  6. Mandar says:

    Hi amita tai,
    Great style of writing actually i have one problem that i gain and lose weight very easily,
    First of all u tell me how much beer and drinks can have impact ? ?? either good or bad??
    And whenever i do fasting like i did in navratri i lost 5 kgs in 10 days actually everyone tell that i m like moon which changes every 15 days …
    So do help me out and give me some regular diet tips.
    And is the saying perfect BREAKFAST like king, LUNCH LIKE NORMAL MAN and dinner like a poor person ,, Should it be really followed ?????/


    • amitagadre says:

      Hi Mandar,
      It seems that you are also stuck, like many, in the yo-yo syndrome. What you need is a sound diet plan which will help you maintain your ideal weight so that you don’t fluctuate between being overweight and thin. Give me a call on 9730111567 or drop me a mail at amitagadre@gmail.com and I will help you put your eating lifestyle back on track.

      Drinks, beer, party snacks, fried items all have an impact on the body- and not just on the body weight. Do keep checking this blog for more updates on that too.



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